Our company has invested years into developing a self-drafting mechanism that will be simple enough to be used by the average user. The table is designed to sell beer or any other alcoholic/nonalcoholic drink without the need of any personnel. This system is the only one of its kind across the whole world and it has been patented all across Europe and other countries. The idea is that anybody can walk up to the system insert Money, and enjoy a cold draft. The system keeps the beverage cold plus it runs it through a cooler, so because of this beer does not create any foam.

Beer machine parts: Cashier block: coin slot, banknote slot, ID reader slot (optional); dispensing pipe: rotating, 3 drafting positions, motorics operated; dispensing positions: machine has 3 dispensing positions – each with its own display showing the credit and liquid amount left to be used; internal aggregates: inside the machines there is a fridge for the barrel containing liquid as well as a cooling aggregate.
The user occupies any of the free dispensing positions, pushes the button to rotate the pipe to his position, inserts the desired amount of coins/banknotes and the display will show his monetary credit as well as available liquid volume to be used.